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Silk Protein Cas No.: 96690-41-4

Silk Protein Cas No.: 96690-41-4

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Silk Protein Cas No.: 96690-41-4
Cas No.:
96690-41-4 , 73049-73-7
Silk Protein
Natural Amino Acids Vitamin
  Product Intro:

Silk protein also known as silk peptide
Is from the center of the silk worm yarn. After special technical processing the center becomes silk protein.

Apply Silk Protein to Skin
This product is dissolvable silk protein. It can be absorbed directly by the human skin. It can combine with the skin cell to revitalize the skin. It is the most advanced unique nutritive material for skin and hair products in the current international market.
Silk protein is a natural moisturizer and adjusts the moisture in the skin to maximum benefit. It can make the skin cutin and keep rich moisture to make the skin more elastic. It also can effectively control growth of melanin in the skin. So it has fantastically good results for skin beautification.

Apply silk protein to hair
After silk protein on the hair dries, it becomes a transparent crystalline protective film. This film can directly prevent the hair being damaged by alkaline materials in hair products. This protective film can increase the hair elasticity and increase the hair's natural shine. It has a very special protective function in hair products.

Use as Dietary Supplement
Silk protein has been used for centuries in China as a source of protein. It is odorless, and virtually colorless, making it an ideal protein source to add to all sorts of products for consumption.  

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