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Olive Leaf Extract Cas No.: 32619-42-4

Olive Leaf Extract Cas No.: 32619-42-4

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Olive Leaf Extract Cas No.: 32619-42-4
Cas No.:
Olive Leaf Extract
Poly-Unsaturated Fatty Acid
  Product Intro:
Product Features
First, the function of products
1, it can prevent the growth of cells and viruses and stimulate the immune system cells important in order to fight infection.
2, for herpes, bladder infections and micro-is also highly effective.
3, it has the antioxidant capacity, can reduce the degree of LDL oxidation, prevention of coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis occurred.
4, there is relief of vascular smooth muscle, the ability to lower blood pressure.
Second, Application:
1, Pharmaceutical
Used in the manufacture of treatment of viruses, bacteria, parent domain, type of protozoa, parasites and blood sucker such as diseases caused by new drugs, new drugs and treatment of influenza.
2, skin-care products
Skin-care products used in the original protein can promote skin regeneration, correcting signs of aging, smooth fine lines reproduce, flexible young skin, natural against the skin caused by oxidative damage, more damage from ultraviolet UV and effective maintenance of skin soft and flexible.

Third, olive leaf extract contains a high degree of extended oxidation products ingredients skin for the role of supporting

Olive leaf extract can protect skin cells from UV damage, UV on the skin to prevent the decomposition of lipid membrane and promote fibroblast collagen protein generated, reducing fibroblast collagen secretion of the enzyme to prevent the membrane response to anti-mannan, which fibroblasts highly protected, to help skin, tender skin effect.
The essence of olive leaf have protection - the role of antioxidant and repair, as follows:
1,protection - anti-oxidation - to maintain the viability of skin cells
UV can lead to the formation of free radicals, which damage skin cells, and even the morning of the death of cells. The assumption that the skin cells exposed to light, skin cells and look at the changes in cells - some coated with pure olive leaf extracts, while others are not painted, 24 hours after the observation of the state of its cells and found that: Yes, there is the essence of pure olive leaf cells preserved almost intact.
2, protection - anti-oxidation reaction
UV will cause decomposition of membrane lipids, which is to imagine peroxidation. Will be more than skin
fibroblasts cultured on the environment, some coated with pure olive leaf essence, while others did not. Left after the decomposition process of measuring fluorescence analysis of substances secreted by a special measure of its degree of peroxidation. Experiments show: the essence of pure olive leaf organizations can effectively peroxidation, and thus a high degree of protection fibroblasts.
3, repair - the promotion of collagen protein metabolism - the promotion of collagen protein synthesis
In the process of skin aging, collagen protein synthesis decreased the ability of fiber cells can only generate a small amount of collagen protein. In the cell culture environment, we measured the synthesis of collagen to promote the level of protein, some joined the pure essence of olive leaf, while others not, to proline (an amino acid) as a measure of the amount of synthetic rubber million new protein targets. Experiments show: the essence of olive leaf can significantly promote fibroblasts to generate collagen protein.
4, reaction of anti-mannan
PG occurs in response is a response to the cell membrane, it will cause the network node collagen, collagen protein and thus lose the flexibility of the resulting skin depressions, or wrinkles. This phenomenon gradually increase with age. At 37 degree in vitro cultivation of 8 days later, fluorescence analysis in order to track the response of PG derivatives - was formed in the lysine and glucose -6 - phosphate (ester) between enzymes. Also in this experiment by adding the essence of pure olive leaf and olive leaf is not the essence of pure conducted to prove that its response to anti-polysaccharide an important role.
5, - of anti-collagen enzyme
Collagen fiber cells in the enzyme is under the influence of free radicals generated by an enzyme - in the ultraviolet irradiation, the skin cells to release some information, so as to stimulate fibroblasts to generate collagen enzyme. In keratinocyte medium the essence of pure olive leaf, will be placed in the UVA and UVB irradiation. Before and after the fiber cells in culture medium samples, results show that: the essence of pure olive leaf caused by inhibiting keratinocyte UV "information" generated, indirectly, reduce the secretion of collagen enzyme.
Product name: Olive Leaf powder Extract
Part used: Leaf
Appearance: Yellow Brown Fine Powder
Assay(HPLC): Oleuropein > 10.0% or 20% 0r 40%
Ration Spec.: 8:1
Size: NLT95% pass 80 mesh
Loss on drying: < 5.0%ppm
Ash content: < 2.0% ppm
Heavy Metal: <20.0%ppm
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