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Kiwi fruit Powder Cas No.: 50-81-7

Kiwi fruit Powder Cas No.: 50-81-7

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Kiwi fruit Powder Cas No.: 50-81-7

Cas No.:
Kiwi fruit Powder
Kiwi fruit Powder can be used in health-care foods, beverage and baked foods.
Natrual Fruit Vegetable
Kiwi fruit Powder

1. Product Description

 Kiwi Fruit Powder is a kind of greenish yellow uniform powder, a powder with certain fluidness, special Chinese Kiwi fruit flavor and taste, but without extraneous material evidently apparent to the naked eyes. 

2. Physical and Chemical Standards
Item Standard
Plumbum (calculated by Pb), mg/kg< 1.0
Arsenic (calculated by As), mg/kg < 0.5
Cuprum (calculated by Cu), mg/kg < 8.0
Folimat, mg/kg < Checked None
Parathion, mg/kg < Checked None
Chlorphrifos, mg/kg < 1.0
Ash Content, % < 8.0
3. Health Standards
Item Standard
Total Bacterial Count, (one(s)/g) < 3000
Mold and Yeast Count, (CFU/g) < 100
Coliform Bacteria, (one(s)/100g) < 30
Pathogenic Bacteria Checked None
4. Product Efficacies
Besides such rich mineral substances as proteins, sugar, fat, as well as calcium, phosphorus and ferrum, Chinese Kiwi fruit still contains VC whose content is the most appealing, and according to analyses, there are 100-420mg VC in every 100g sarcocarp, the leading among fruits. In addition, it also has many kinds of amino acids. Studies have demonstrated that fresh Chinese Kiwi fruit and fruit juice products can prevent the formation of carcinogen nitrosamine in vivo, reduce the cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood and has evident curative effect on hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and leprosy.
Kiwi fruit Powder is made from the raw material, high-quality Chinese Kiwi fruit bases, with the spray drying process.
5. Application Scope
Kiwi fruit Powder can be used in health-care foods, beverage and baked foods. 
6. Package and Storage
Specification: (7.5kg/aluminus-plastic bag*2)/corrugated board case
Kiwi fruit Powder  should be stored on backing boards 20cm above the ground of a cool, dry, clean and ventilating warehouse and keep away from strong light. To store these products in the open air or with toxic articles or articles with foreign flavor is prohibited.

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