It is a good time to buy China Stock

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It is a good time to buy China Stock.

According to analysiser, It is a good time to buy China Stock, you may take this for your reference.

Resistance and support are technical factors that chart readers use to describe certain trends affecting the price of growth stocks. Resistance holds a stock below a certain level and blocks it from going higher. Support keeps the stock above a certain price, and prevents the stock from breaking down.

Resistance is generally the effect of profit-taking. Institutional investors may be committed to booking profits at a certain level, for instance. Every time the stock reaches that level, sellers step in and overwhelm buying demand, sending the stock price lower.

You can see this again and again in many different ways in stock charts. A stock rally often peaks at a particular level. The stock falls back, then periodically rises to "test resistance" at that level. When sellers step in, the stock generally falls back again into another period of price consolidation.